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auto repair

Our trained technicians are dedicated to making sure your vehicle is properly inspected and repaired. We service and repair all foreign and domestic cars, SUVs and trucks, and ensure it is repaired according to manufacturer’s specifications.  We take great pride in the services we provide, and always make sure that our prices and work are fair and honest.

For your convenience, we can provide parts needed for your repair…Or if you have new parts of your own, we will gladly perform the  necessary installation.  Either way, we always want to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the road.


  • 4 Wheel Alignments with the latest Hunter Alignment Equipment –  Certified alignment technicians measure and correct wheel angles so they are set to manufacturer’s specifications.  Wheel alignments can improve driver safety, increase fuel efficiency and maximize the life of your tires. (Appointments are recommended)

  • Suspension Inspection – A suspension inspection must first be performed to determine if a proper wheel alignment can be accomplished. Technicians check for worn, broken, loose or missing suspension parts and tires.

  • Steering and Suspension Repair

  • Tire Repair

  • Rim Repair

  • Brake Repair

  • Tire Rotation, Changeover & Switchover

  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

  • Shocks and Struts

  • Driveshaft, Axle and CV Joint Repair

  • Wheel Lock / Stripped Lug Nut Removal

  • Wheel Refinishing/Restoration (Alloy Wheels)

  • Stud Replacement

  • Batteries

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